Thoughts Shared from Students and Parents

From Students…

In dance class I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve learned that only when we trust can we be in harmony. I’ve learned that dreaming is the first step, and hard work is the tool toward the goal. I’ve learned that when things aren’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped to smile and have fun anyway. 

Thank you, Donna, for your encouragement and influence in my life!

Ever since I’ve joined I’ve felt like I was a part of the “Donna Colman School of Dance Family”. Countless times I felt like I was in over my head yet it was your persistance as a patient teacher that has allowed me to acquire the skills to succeed. 

Thanks to you I feel more confident in dance and in all aspects of my life. Thank you for making dance fun again!

I know you care because you treat all of your students like they are your sons and daughters. I feel the warmth that you give and this inspires and motivates me to learn. 

Thanks for showing me how happy and promising life can be.

From Parents…

We wish to again express our gratitude for your support in helping our daughter to grow into the happy, healthy young woman she is today.

Thank you so much for being part of our girls lives in such a positive way.

I am extremely proud of who and what my daughters have become. One measure of that pride comes from the growth and maturity they’ve attained through dancing with you.

I can’t help but think of the years of dedication and the incredible role you have played in their lives. Through your efforts and theirs, they have acquired grace, poise, and above all confidence. They have learned an appreciation of hard work. They have made many lifelong friends. They have learned how to deal with disappointment , and how to deal with success as well.

Although I can determine a cost for this training, I cannot put a value upon it, other than to say it is priceless. Next year will bring on more season of dance to our family. One more recital. One more year of work and achievement. One more time to be in the spotlight. It will be a special time for our youngest daughter, but a difficult time for her parents who have grown very accustomed to the routine, the recitals and most of all, the love emanating from 5107 Darrow Rd.

I’m so very impressed with your instruction with people of all ages. You are a true professional!

Your dedication to the children over the years helps them develop not only their dancing talents, but their confidence and selfworth. I know my daughters would not be the young women they are today without your care and guidance.

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