Tap Dance Classes –  Develop your Rhythm

Tap classes are offered for all ages and levels.

  • From beginning basics to an intricate multi-layered tap routine, it is just fun to make music with your feet!  Your whole body relaxes and moves in rhythm and synchronicity or syncopation.

The Preschool combination class includes instruction in tap, pre-ballet and tumbling.

Comments from Parents of Students...

  • Thank you so much for being part of our girls lives in such a positive way.

  • I'm so very impressed with your instruction with people of all ages. You are a true professional!

  • We wish to again express our gratitude for your support in helping our daughter to grow into the happy, healthy young woman she is today.

  • Your dedication to the children over the years helps them develop not only their dancing talents, but their confidence and selfworth. 

  • I know my daughters would not be the young women they are today without your care and guidance.

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