Ballet Dance Classes – Beginner through Advanced


Pre-ballet classes are offered for children 3-7 years old

  • Pre-ballet is offered for younger students, establishing the basic foundation for Ballet training without emphasis on maximum turnout, which could be harmful for young students.  I offer a combination class for younger students which incorporates pre-ballet, tap and tumbling in a 1 hour lesson.

Classical Ballet training begins at age 8.  Classes are offered at all levels.

  • Students 8 years and older enjoy the full discipline of Classical Ballet training based on the Cecchetti method.  Ballet develops technical expertise, control and understanding of body placement, granting grace and ease of movement to the accomplished ballet dancer.

Pointe works begins after reaching the level of expertise needed to support pointe work without doing harm to your child’s spine and bone development.

Comments from Parents of Students...

  • Thank you so much for being part of our girls lives in such a positive way.

  • I'm so very impressed with your instruction with people of all ages. You are a true professional!

  • We wish to again express our gratitude for your support in helping our daughter to grow into the happy, healthy young woman she is today.

  • Your dedication to the children over the years helps them develop not only their dancing talents, but their confidence and selfworth. 

  • I know my daughters would not be the young women they are today without your care and guidance.

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